The Suzerain
Current: Sa[1]
Master: Suzerain[2]
Book Appearances
Living: The Tygrine Cat

The Suzerain is a tom[2] with black eyes.[3]


The Tygrine CatEdit

Mithos approaches The Suzerain with great caution, addressing him formally and telling him that his wish to kill the Tygrine queen has been fulfilled. The Suzerain looks raged, and tells him that the spirits tell him that she is dead, but her son lives. Mithos is disbelieved, and his master asks him if he questions the spirits. Mithos immediately bows lower, telling him not. Suzerain declares that he has been deceived, ordering him to find the sedicia, who is Mati. Mithos bares his fangs, asking him what to do after, and Suzerain tells him that Mati must be destroyed.
Later, he is seen to be keen for news of his servant's process. He watches his high priests circling him with spells to protect Mithos on his mission. He remembers the desert being divided into great lands, and the daughters of Te Bubas and their feuding dynasties. He remembers the time when he is honored and feared by all of the cats.
The Suzerain sits up and closed his eyes. He is calling the spirit Alia, wiling the ancient powers. He opens his black eyes at the distant sound of thunder. He whispers about casting his sight into the darkness. He suddenly hears the high-pitched buzzing of a single fly.
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