Current: Cats of the Cressida Lock[1]
Street Cat: Fink the Sagacious, Warden and Rat Catcher[1]
Book Appearances
Living: The Tygrine Cat

Fink (Full name: Fink the Sagacious, Warden and Rat Catcher) is a wedge-faced siamese tom.[1]


in The Tygrine CatEdit

Mati sees a strange siamese cat declaring that rats are capable of seizing their homes with large numbers. Sparrow tells Mati that the siamese cat was named Fink the Sagacious, Warden and Rat Catcher. later Pangur acknowledges Fink for addressing the matter.
When Sparrow introduces Mati to the cats, Fink scorns him. Arabella joins in, saying he's an African wild cat. Fink agrees with Arabella and Pangur tells Fink and Arabella to stop.

References and CitationsEdit

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