Current: Cats of the Cressida Lock[1]
Cressida Lock Kin: Arabella[1]
Book Appearances
Living: The Tygrine Cat

Arabella (Full name: Arabella the Courageous, Mistress of Hunts[2]) is a white persian queen[1] with a snub nose.[3]


In The Tygrine CatEdit

Arabella scorns Mati, saying that he looks like an African wildcat. Sparrow tells her that her sayings are absurd, but Fink agrees with Arabella. Pangur tells the two to stop, and the two cats flee from the stall to resume their places in the gallery. A young tortoiseshell-and-white cat persuades them to let Mati speak, but Arabella calls her a stray, asking her what she's doing here. Pangur tells her that it's enough.
Mati admits to being able to swim, and Arabella yowls at this, saying that cats don't like water. Early on the next day, Arabella tells Sinestra that Mati seems to be odd.


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